We all look forward to the next time!

What a pleasure it has been for The Soul-Esteem Center to host two recent events featuring Steffany Barton. She is not only a gifted, "tuned in" medium, but a beautiful presence, a talented and light-hearted presenter, and a warm, caring person. Before she even gets started amazing people with her accuracy, she connects with her audience in a way which inspires them to lay aside scepticism and open to the wonders of God's Universe. We all look forward to the next time!
-Rev. Phylis Clay Sparks
 Spiritual Director of The Soul-Esteem Center
 St. Louis, Missouri




What a Life Changing Morning


Thank you SO very much Steffany!! I can't tell you how much this means to me, and how much lighter I feel after listening to this twice this morning. My Dad, you described perfectly!! The references all made perfect sense (pigs, I used to collect pigs...the apple orchard...we would take my boys there every fall....the remote thing, with my husband and I, that just happened last Sunday!!) And the nickname Lis, which was my nickname from him, and Lisey, which is what my niece Brooke, the one I mentioned in the email, calls me...



It is Amazing!


Hi Steffany!

Thank you so much for the reading. It is amazing! I cried the 1st time I listened to it and I took lots and lots of notes the 2nd time. As you know I have trouble finding time for myself so I hope to have some time to listen a few more times this week.

Thank you for your time and so much love.







I was referred to Steffany by a friend and chose the 1-hour phone reading. I spent about 15 minutes in quiet prayer setting my intention to simply hear what messages came through. My dad died almost 10 years before my reading and I was really hoping he would come through but knew there were no guarantees. What happened during the reading blew my mind...



I Highly Recommend Her.


After talking with Steffany Barton for my Angel reading, I was amazed! She connected with many of my loved ones that passed over, and she knew things only I would know. Steffany is so sweet and sincere. I have been at a crossroads in my life, and she validated the direction of my life. Her connection with the Angels is truly ethereal. I highly recommend her.





I Am So Grateful to You!


Hi Steffany,

I don't even know where to begin to thank you !!!! My eyes filled with tears as I listened to your (my?) reading. Everything you said resonated so deeply with my soul. You provided me with exactly the clarity and direction that I need at this point...



It Was Exactly What I Needed to Hear.


My dearest friend:
I have been at my desk weeping…..thank you so much for expressing your love for me; that was the best gift I have had in forever. Thank you for delivering the message of my soul purpose. The information about lifetimes of rejection bring forth answers as to why I have struggled this whole life time with being excluded, unwanted and discounted. Wanting to be included in that prior lifetime click has me understand...



We Felt Relieved.


Thank you so much for the wonderful experience you provided my sister and I. We are now able to feel our fathers spirit and know he is alive and watching us. After speaking with you we felt relieved to know he is healthy and happy in heaven. Thank you!




I Cherish This Information.


Hi Steffy, I’m sorry it took me all these days to get back to you but I’ve been listening and absorbing all the information that you sent me last week in my reading.

Just want to say that I cherish this information as you can’t imagine. I didn’t even have to question it, since the very first time I listened to it, the resonance in my heart was amazing...




It Truly is Just Amazing.


Good morning Steffany,

First off, I want to thank you for the messages you have already sent. I have always believed and had faith in the work that you’re able to do but this is my first time experiencing something like this myself and it truly is just amazing.




I Truly Believe in What You Do.


Hi Steff,

Thank you! I had that same answer the moment I sent you the question. I don't endorse many people in this field, but I truly believe in what you do. I'm grateful for you & your angel's insights.

-Much love, Simon


Angel Blessings!