How to Prepare

After you have booked your appointment, please begin to prepare. I encourage you to use these pointers as a guide.


Be open
I encourage my clients to come with a sense of willingness and positive anticipation. But… 

Be speculative
I also encourage clients to seek proof. Rather than readily accepting whatever comes through, listen for validation. As a client, you are my “employer,” and you are entitled to an accurate and meaningful reading.

A good reading is like a puzzle
With a little bit of time and a lot of insight, the pieces should fall in place in a beautifully orchestrated manner. Spirit guides, angels, and loved ones who have crossed enjoy making us “work.” If something doesn’t seem to fit during the reading, check it out with those in your inner circle and wait… time itself often puts the pieces together.

Come prepared with questions
Have some idea as to why you want a reading or a connection with someone on the other side.

Accept the gift of a loved one coming through
I did a reading for a woman whose mother had died when she was only a child. Near the end of the reading, the client expressed disappointment that her mom showed up instead of her second husband! It takes quite a bit of energy for a spirit to come through, so I always thank them for their presence and time.

Trust your intuition
This is the best piece of advice that I can give. If something about the setting or the information that comes through feels “funny,” honor that. The goal is to empower you so that you don’t need a “middle man.” We all have the ability to tune in to the Divine; I hope your reading will inspire that.

Allow yourself to enjoy the experience
I am constantly amazed and dazzled at what Spirit can do.