New Year's Specials for the Month of January!

Personal Angel Previews for 2019

Private readings provide a chance for you to connect with your guardian angels, spirit guides, masters, teachers, and loved ones on the Other Side. I will give you detailed messages from your loved ones and the helpers you have around you. This in-depth session will be one of the most rewarding, heart-warming experiences you can imagine.

To book a phone reading, please call 913-451-4567. 

Personal Preview Reading



Personal Preview-- With the guidance of angels, Steffany will look at YOUR path for 2019. Taking a month to month glance, she will share the highlights and opportunities in store for you this New Year.


The preview is sent to you as an mp3. Please allow seven business days for delivery as this is her most popular product of the year.

Power Preview Reading 


Power Preview--Everything covered in the Personal Preview is included and MORE. Steffany is working with spiritual artisan and jewelry maker Jackie Evans-Bird of Pebbles and Gold, to bring you a momento piece for 2018.

After she completes your preview, Jackie will custom build a bracelet that captures the year's energy for YOU. Be adorned with your essence for 2018.