Private Angel Readings

Private readings provide a chance for you to connect with your guardian angels, spirit guides, masters, teachers, and loved ones on the Other Side. I will give you detailed messages from your loved ones and the helpers you have around you. This in-depth session will be one of the most rewarding, heart-warming experiences you can imagine.

To book a reading, please call 913-451-4567. 

Private In-Person Reading - 60 Minutes


Steffany will deliver messages from Spirit and may connect with your loved ones, angels or guides. Please call ahead to schedule your session at 913-451-4567.

Tune Up and Tune In for 2021




As we embark on a new year, energies are set in motion in all aspects life. The Personal Preview is your chance to take a glimpse into the future. From love and family, to money and career,  to travel and friends, discover how your destiny is taking shape. 

Private Phone Reading - 30 Minutes



In an abbreivated time frame. Steffany will deliver personal messages from spirit guides, angels,  and loved ones on the Other Side.


The session will be recorded and an mp3 file of your reading will be available to you after the session is complete. Please call ahead to schedule your session at 913-451-4567.

Private Phone Reading - 60 Minutes



In this in-depth session, Steffany will deliver detailed, practical messages from spirit guides, angels, and loved ones on the Other Side. Information on past lives, soul purpose, and tools for personal, powerful healing will also be provided.


Please call to schedule your session at 913-451-4567.

Reading in a Rush



When dealing with deadlines, time frames, or when feeling in a crunch, the speedy Reading in a Rush will supply you with answers asap! 


This 30 minute phone session will happen within one week of payment. A recording is made and sent to you as an mp3 after the session.

Akashic Record Reading



Steffany will discern from the Akashic Book of Life - namely yours! Please call ahead to schedule your session 913-451-4567.

Spiritual Spa


Indulge your spirit and pamper your soul with the works. The Spiritual Spa combines a Reiki session with an angel reading. This is the perfect package for transformation and inspiration during times of transition or when moving through personal grief or loss.

.Please call to schedule your session 913-451-4567.

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