During Your Reading


I spend time in meditation and prayer before each session begins asking that the session be directed toward my client's highest good.


It’s not unusual for messages for a person to begin coming to me even before the session begins, so often by the time a session begins, I am already starting to receive guidance from their angels, guides or crossed-over relatives or friends.

Hollywood has left us with quite an impression of what must happen next. The fact is, aside from some brief silences as I listen and interpret the messages being given to me, you won’t find any high drama in these readings. I’m as much myself in the reading as I am outside of them. The voice you hear is only mine, the lights are on, it’s all quite normal.

Angels communicate with me in words and pictures. Sometimes I will be prompted to ask a question. Messages tend to be related to where a person is in their life at a given time.


I also make a point to ask any questions a person may have. Your angels, guides and loved ones often appear to me as readings move along—even pets will sometimes come through to remind you that they are part of your eternal family.

Because I always ask that the session is for the person’s highest good, there are sometimes questions that Spirit will not answer. This may mean that a person is still lacking some of the tools or experiences they need before the answer can come to them. It may also be difficult for a particular spirit to check in at that time—remember, they have their own work to do on the other side.


An angel reading tends to be a very personal, loving experience unlike anything else. It reminds each of us that we are all spirits living in bodies, and that we are infinitely loved and protected by our angels.