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Steffany offers pet readings and animal communications. The fee for a pet reading is $50


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In this course, you will learn to prepare yourself for deep spiritual work, to gather resources, assets, and strengths to help, to get inspired and aligned with the essence of life and the joy of living soulfully, and to activate, demonstrate, and confidently express the spirit of you.

This class will assist you in clearly understanding, powerfully strengthening, and confidently following your intuition. With meditations, visualization techniques, and countless tips and tools, this course will grow your intuition from A-Z.

Meet Me on the Other Side tells the true story of Steffany Barton, RN, a mom and mystic, quietly tucked into the conservative Midwest contacted by a spirit in need. The male spirit's surviving son faces terminal cancer. Serving as an afterlife coach, Steffany shares lessons on life and death, meeting angels and spirits along the way.

This course will help you to create a highly personal and heart centered relationship with the angels, energize you to gain confidence in trusting and following angelic guidance, and empower you to enhance all areas of life through a conscious connection with the angels.